Photo Flashback Friday

Friday Photo Flashback

Today I have a different post of Photoflashback Friday. The two ladies were my cousins with their Mom and the child. They send this picture few months ago when we chatted. They were now working in Canada with their families. They seldom visit Phil. because they have also their work to do.

I was glad to know that they knew the Lord in Canada. We had been praying for them ever since when were small children. It’s so hard for us to share to them because of their belief. But I was so happy that they were active serving the Lord in Canada with some other Filipino brethren. Their mother is still keeping some things that keeps of her belief but gradually the Lord is changing her heart.

More Than Words with Alicia has more to share. Try to join. It’s fun to recall our memories through photos.

My Great Family in a Stick Figure

This tag is something amusing. My friend Genebei shared this fun and I enjoyed it. While I was doing some editing, my teenager saw it and he did the rest for me. Here’s my great family.

Stick Figure Family at

You can make youe Stick Figure Family at

I want to share this fun and amusement to my friends like Litlit, Love, Janet, and Grace. This is cool. Try it!

Mommy Moments #4 — Sentimental

mommy moments

Today’s Mommy Moments is sentimental. For me, the topic is quite interesting and amusing.
I’m glad I took some pictures just recently about 2 days ago. We went to Suan Siam City in Bangkok – just like you are in a Fantasy World.

My son AJ with his uncle (my brother) looking at the Lotus flower garden. Being sentimental while faving at the Lotus flowers starting to bud.

AJ, my 6-year old is walking down the other place for another fantasy world. The place has a lot of amused fantasies to enjoy especially the kids. AJ loves it.

My hubby and AJ taking a pose in another view and my son is quite sentimental not looking at the camera. He might have thinking or looking at something.

More Mommy Moments photos with Cris. Just found out!

Mommy Moments # 3 — Kids in Costume

mommy moments

Mommy Moments theme for this week is Kids in costume. I find it hard to find a picture because my kids are already grown ups. However, I’m glad I’ve found this photos.

This is my eldest son, when he was 9 then. He enjoyed having fun with this stuff. He fancy himself as a shaolin Kung Fu Master.

This is AJ when he was 3. This was taken when we were in Malaysia. It’s quite cold so he was wearing sweater inside the hotel. Looking somewhere.

More Mommy Moments photos on Mommy Journey

Mommy Moments # 2 Special Day

I’m glad I have the time now to join Mommy Moments. Thanks Mommy Cris. Though I have big boys I still enjoy this post. It reminds me of my kids when they were still babies.

Anyway, AJ is 6-year old and we still call him “baby” sometimes but he doesn’t want to be called as such. Feeling big already but of course the attitude is still a baby huh! We were blessed by our kids. Thank God we have them.

This is AJ’s 6th birthday last Jan.20. He was so excited a week before and he was asking us to have his friends came to our house to celebrate his birthday. So we invited his friends and our neighbors.

Mommy Moments #1—Early Morning Exercise–Bonding Time

Today we went to PSU, it’s a university where people come and enjoy doing a lot of exercises everyday as early as 5:30 am.

We went there around 7:30am with AJ, our 6-year old son, our teenager did not go with us because he loved to sleep this time.
This is the first Friday that Aj went with us and he was so excited.

We usually come to this place and play badminton, and sometimes we play basketball if few basketball players are coming.
We love to do some exercises early morning. It’s fun and with bonding, huh!

Language Barriers

Last Monday as what I have mentioned in my other post, we went to a Technology School to promote our center. There are a lot of private schools involved. Each school presented a program. We had our presentation on the first day. Almost everybody came on that day.

On the second day, I met one of the teachers in the school where I worked a year ago. She looked at our promotions and smiled. I told her I’m already working in this center. She is a Thai and she had the difficulty in speaking English. She was asking a lot of questions and I’ll just say yes or smiled at her because I couldn’t understand the way she speaks.

Before they left with her friend, she told me, “Oh Sarah you are rich now”, I just laughed and told her “NO”. Then they left, I started to smile and I reiterate what she said to my hubby that we are rich, and I told him, if she only knew. Then my teenager smiled and said, because Mama you agreed to her when she asked you that you are the owner of the center. I said, “Really???” with a shocking voice. I didn’t understand what she said, I told my teenager. I was planning to explain again but I didn’t bother anymore. They might misunderstood me again.

Language barrier had been our struggle here in Thailand, a lot of times we were misunderstood especially when we talk to the locals. But still we enjoy the place, the food, and the people.

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