Exercise Benefits Weight Loss

I started my diet since last week and I have noticed that there is a little improvement. Then I continue this week coupled with some exercises that I’ve missed a couple of months ago. Then lately, I started surfing on some websites and I’ve found this one that really suits my need.

According to this article that I have read at http://www.web-articles.info/e/a/title/Exercise-Benefits-Weight-Loss-and-Beyond/ that exercise alone does not promote a substantial weight loss but it will be coupled with the reduced calorie-eating plan. Exercise benefits weight loss and beyond. And it sounds great to me because I was not doing any exercises lately and besides I was eating less but I didn’t dare to look at the calories that I’m taking. The article also states that exercise is the key strategy for keeping weight loss. Numerous studies have found out that doing physical activities within the week, for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity of any type of physical exercises have many benefits to the human body. Like a reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high colosterol, colon and breast cancer and diabetes. It can also reduce stress that most of the people including me are concerned of, and can improve mental health. So why not start? As I was reading this. I’m encouraged to continue my long-awaited exercises that was stopped few months ago.

I also agree to this article because I’m a woman – we felt better if we have done some exercises and we can do more jobs. But for men, it’s different as what my hubby was always saying, no pain, no gain. If he does exercises regularly he gains strength and he feels better.

There’s a study at Stanford University about men and women participating in diet-only weight loss program and in diet with exercise. It shows that men in the diet with exercise program were less hungry and we’re able to follow the diet. The result was found encouraging and beneficial. I think, I better start tomorrow.