My 2nd Day of Diet

Yesterday, I started my one-week diet. I feel good although I’m craving a bit, lol! However, last night my sweetie told us that another friend invited for dinner tonight. Ohhhh, I said, how about my diet? Then my teenager laugh so loud and teasing me and saying, Yessssssssss, the diet is destroyed!!!!
Anyway, I will still continue my diet tomorrow because we don’t want that our friend will fell bad. He is only inviting us once because he will be leaving tomorrow to another country. So it’s okay for me to stop for one meal tonight. You know where are we going to eat? In an eat-all-you-can restaurant. Huh, huh, huh! To tell honestly, I don’t like to go to that place anymore because the next day after eating a lot, I felt tired… Anyway, we will be with him tonight, so no need to worry!