Crystal Singing Bowl

I learned to love crystals of any design. However, Crystal Singing Bowls is one of a kind. I was fascinated when I saw the designs. I was easily attracted to it. Like this BRAND NEW PURE QUARTZ CRYSTAL FROSTED SINGING BOWL. It comes with a free oring, instructions, and a leather striker.

Brand New highest quality pure Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl. The sound is pure and relaxing. Excellent for meditation and healing. This is not a factory second item but the best one. It has a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee and includes materials on how to use the bowl.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are made from over 99.9 percent pure quartz crystal, a naturally occurring element. Because our bodies are also composed of a crystalline structure, using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for healing and meditation allows us to respond more quickly and favorably to the sound as therapy. I guess, having this kind of Crystal Singing Bowl would attract many.