Thankful Thursday # 9

Thankful Thursday again and I was pondering on what to share and to Thank God for this week because I have a lot to share. When I opened Laurie’s site, I’m glad I’ve found the answer. Today’s theme is about courage.

I remember Joshua when he told the Isrealites in Joshua 1:9 ….”Be Strong and courageous. Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go”. We always claim this promise since we came here in Thailand to be a blessing to the lost.

I’m not that brave to share about Jesus before but when we came here everything was just smooth and keeps on coming out of my mouth of who our God is.

For a couple of months, we had been doing English Camps from one place to another and I am thankful for:

1. The courage and the strength that HE gave us. We were able to share on our own way how great the love of God to mankind. Telling our students about HIS love to them and to all of us.

2. My sweetie was able to share Jesus’ love to his teenage students and they were intently listening and agreeing to what he was sharing.

3. Sharing His love needs courage but when you overcome it, the enemy will loose and Jesus will be glorified.

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You will be blessed by just reading. Blessings to all!