Fresh Scent

Scents are of any kind. It could be fresh ( like after taking a bath and you feel fresh) , or either a cologne or a perfume. Speaking of perfume, I’m not keen of having it but there are scents that I wanted to buy because it smells fresh and cool. Everytime I smell from others I really wanted to ask but of course I’m shy to do it.

But I remember last year, when we were in the Phil. my sister gave me a perfume. It was Obsession Night (Calvin Klein) perfume. I like it a bit but not that I wanted. I’m still looking for that smell that I like yet I’m not sure of the name of that perfume. Hopefully, in the coming months or years I can have it.

Scents differ and vary. This site provides something that you can’t resist. You can check this kind of perfume. They have unique fragrances for men and women alike, and besides they have also for bath and body cologne and gift sets. They provide different scents of your choice. Try it out!

The Blue Water

I missed the swimming pool in our place, Bacolod City. There were lots of swimming pools anywhere and natural swimming pool too. It comes out from the spring or falls and the owner will just make a pool for swimming and he can earn too. It’s really blue and you would love swim all the time.
They are the children of my younger sister and the mother of her husband.