Children’s Day Celebration (part 2)

Yesterday I’ve promised to post the affair for children. It was very interesting for my kiddos to join. They went to a nearby university and enjoyed the fun with children. Although they didn’t join in some of the games so they haven’t brought any gift except for the painting that they did.

These are the words in Thai. Wan Dek (Children’s Day), Jan.9,2010

The children with their parents

AJ and Tricia (AJ’s close friend) joined the painting

They showed the painting they’ve done
Then they went to this place and practiced driving, lol!
They rerally had fun and they enjoyed their day.

Children’s Day (part 1)

Today is holiday in Thailand. Children of all ages gather and visited different places and enjoy games being prepared for them. Most of the schools and universities all over the country are busy giving gifts to all the children, allowing them to enjoy the activities or anything that the children are fond of. This day is known as “Children’s Day“. Every first Saturday of January they celebrate this occasion for children to enjoy. My kiddos love this day. They went out and had some fun with some local children. They went to a nearby university. I will tell you later and show you the picture if they went home.

The Love of Art Inside Him

This is AJ, my 6-year old son leaning on the table while painting his model. He loves to paint, write or draw something.

One time, during the children’s day celebration, he went with his Papa in the University and had joined the painting activity.

He had received school supplies and other toys. When they went home, he immediately told me about the activity he had joined.

He really enjoyed being a part of any activity in our place. He’s matured at his age and many people would think that he’s already 8 or 10yrs old. He also loves to eat and enjoys being with others and play with them.