I’m Here Again

I’m glad to be back in my blogging career. At last I have time to write here just for awhile. It’s our Midterm Exam and I have few hours just to relax. My blogs that were hacked for few weeks now it came back with the help of Mommy Mylene. You can visit her blog at Online Mommy’s Corner. She did her best to help me recover my blogs. Thanks to Mylene, I thought I could not get it back anymore. It seems lost without any cause. Anyway, I need to do something to retain it and upgrade it as well.

Hackers are everywhere. Therefore, we need to keep it and save it for future use. What I mean is that we need to do something to save our files. I will be looking for a way to save it in order to rescue my blogs if it will happen again.


A New Found Site – Link From Blog

Since I started blogging one of my desires is to join other friends to earn while blogging. I guess, most of the bloggers have the same desire with me. It’s good if we have earned something while writing, isn’t it? While visiting some friends few weeks ago I saw this LinkFromBlog site. I didn’t surf so easily because I had bad experience with some sites. When I checked again today, their site sounds great. I find many reasons to join here. I also heard from blogger friends about this site – so I decided to link back again and start surfing.

Try to join and be counted here, you will never regret. If you start now, you will receive a bonus from the site. That sounds good, right? Don’t tarry, join now and enjoy blogging.

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