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I decided to join in this contest since I knew it few days ago. I still wanted to join and I was so glad that Levy of Living Life to the Fullest gave me a go signal that I can still join. I joined in several contests already and I enjoyed doing it. Joining is fun and I gained more friends as well.

Sharing your blessings is the key to this blog contest. Since they received more than enough blessings they wanted to bless others too. Thanks a lot Levy and behind Levy’s success is the help and love shared by her one and only beloved hubby. You are both blessed to have each other.

Interesting right? So, what wait? Join now and garb the opportunity to join.


The Winner Takes …

Wonderful Things In Life

For 3 days I was out in the blogging world. Yesterday, while I was talking to my blogger friend, I told her that I didn’t checked my blog for few days. I was really surprised today when I opened my blog and saw a lot of congratulations!!!!!!!! I thought, they we’re just missed it or mistakenly wrote on my blog. But I was really curious of what’s going on.

Surprisingly, when I checked Momgen’s site and read the winners for her contest, I saw my name, when I linked to it, woww!!!!! it’s really true, I’m one of the WINNERS! Honestly, I was feeling bad few days ago and the Lord just lift me up! You feel really good when you’re one of the winners in any contests here in the blogging world. Thanks for all the sponsors, you’ve done a great job to bless us! Blessings be upon you all for being so kind. Thank you so much Momgen for this contest. I could never forget it!

I’m the 5th winner and I gained 14,000 ec, unbelievable, but it’s true. Wow! Thanks for all the sponsors for making our day great. If I’m not mistaken, this will be the 3rd time that I won in the blog contest. I had been in the blogging industry just for more 6 months. I also met friends around the globe. All of my friends here are really nice, fantastic, and each one has her own design and creativity. I have learned a lot and was blessed while reading all your testimonies. Blessings to all!

Once again, Momgen, thanks a lot!

Here’s my prize and the sponsors:

5th Prize: 14,000 ECWinner: Sarah
2500 EC = surprise CD or DVD from In My Kitchen (US only for CD or DVD)
1000 EC + 125×125 3 months ad from Worth’s Road
2000 EC from Pink-Preciousdotcom
2000 EC from Bob Hairstyle
2000 EC from Blog Design for WordPress
1000 EC from Health and Beauty Diva
1000 EC from
Pictures and Cultures
1000 EC from Happy Thoughts, Happy Tot
500 EC from Asawa’s Love book
1000 EC from Making Money Online Blogging
125×125 1 month ad from Health Is Wealth