My Stress is Over

It’s been a long time that I wasn’t able to write here in my blog, I even missed to visit my friends’ blogs and I’m sorry for that. I had hectic schedules few months ago and I can’t do anything except writing my thesis. It was all about English in Thailand so I have to search for many references to be used and the books to be referred in order to justify the research work. It was quite hard since I did it in another country, I mean my research was done outside our comfort zone so I had to work hard for it in order to defend my study. I had many sleepless nights, missed some lunch and dinner and even experience sleeping inside McDonalds. However, my statistician went home and I stayed since my house is farther than hers. It was a memorable and unforgettable moment of my life.

After defending my study, as if a heavy load was taken away from me and I started to sleep although I need some revisions and do some recommendations given to me by the panelists. After few days everything was set and I gave it to the secretary of the school of graduate studies. Now, I’m ready for graduation on the 23rd of March 2011. It’s an awaited time for all of us who struggled since we took the comprehensive exam last year. We are now reaping what we have sown. A day to behold!

Photo Flashback

Friday Photo Flashback

I took a pose while preparing for my graduation in my college years, many years ago, lol! Those were the days. I finished my Bachelor’s Degree (BSEd) during this time and I still have a small pocket photo so I took a shot again through my digital camera in order to post here. It’s the wonder of having one. How do I look? hahaha! That’s the question that I don’t want to answer. My friend who became my hubby liked this photo, so he had many pictures of me inside his pocket, hahaha! He was madly in love during those days.

I’m glad to be a part of this meme, at least I can recall and be reminded my past, going forward in this present years and moving onward to the next years of my life. Each one is precious to the Lord and I’m glad I have Jesus, I’m so precious to Him!

The photo has a lot of scratches already, it speaks of the years, lol! You can visit more Friday Flashback Photos and enjoy visiting the sites.