Our Awaited Day is Over

Life is tough at times, hurting, painful yet encouraging, hoping and longing for the best. That’s what I feel now, mixed emotions, quite sad but still thanking the Lord, for He knows what is best for us. Yesterday, I wrote about my appointment with my doctor. Today we went for check up and found out through an ultrasound that the baby is totally gone. We just thought that the bleeding that I’ve gone through was just from myoma, only to find out that our baby is totally gone with all the bleeding and the pain.

I could not explain my emotions, I felt sad yet clinging on the Lord and to be still. Hubby felt sad the most but can’t explain his emotions. I understand, I have a lot of what if’s thoughts and feelings. But we have nothing to do, the baby is gone. But I still need an operation for the myoma to be taken away. The doctor said, if the myoma is smaller it will be gone by drinking some medicine. If the myoma is 5 cm or bigger than that, operation is required. My myoma is already 7.8cm so I need an operation.

All things work together for good to those who love God and do His will. I always cling to that promise.