Apples and Apple Cider Juice

Apples, apples, apples! Apples are very known now a days, guess what? Last night we went to a dept. store nearby and we saw a lot of people buying a lot of apples. Then I remembered a friend of ours who told us just recently that we need to eat a lot of apples to be freed from H1N1 (swine flu) and take Vitamin C daily. That’s why apples are in demand these days. Then hubby gave me a wink to buy apples too.

I bought apple cider juice because our friend recommended us to buy this kind of healthy drink which he used to drink before. I can’t bear the pain on my throat so we take time to buy. I had a sore throat after taking antibiotic last week when I was sick. My throat was swollen so I need an apple cider juice aside from the apple cider vinegar that our friend gave to us.

Here are some health benefits from Apple Cider:

* Apple Pectin *

is a water-soluble fiber richly found in apples

* Vitamin C *

helps protect your body against free radicals and assist with the production of
skin-nourishing collagen

* Potassium*

is abundant in apples and helps maintain pH balance and the right level of electrolytes


helps strengthen bone and teeth structure

I’m a health conscious person and as much as possible I will refrain from taking a lot of medicines so I need to eat or drink healthy food. When I read the benefits of apple cider I decided to take it and gave a try. I already drunk 2 packs and I felt good.