Life is Short

I remember few years back when the news about Rico Yan’s death spread all throughout the Phil. and it reached to the whole world, people sighed and mourned. Death is sure, we are not sure when or how but it will happen whether we like it or not.

Early this morning, my brother shared that he read in the news that Michael Jackson was also passed away yesterday at the age 50. The death of Rico Yan and Michael Jackson is a kind of shocked to many. And they have the same death experience. But what does it imply to us who are still alive? What shall we do to our lives? Are we going to keep sinning or are we going to do something in the life we have now, what is life after death? I believe there is life after we passed away. We just need to be prepared and ask God for guidance and direction. We are passers-by and we have nothing to do if the Lord will take us away. We all passed the same road, so we need to be prepared…

Someone said, there is such a great loss in the Pop Music industry. Sometimes I agree and many times I disagree because when someone is missing, there is always a successor, and at times, they are better than the first.

There is a saying about sin and I quote:

Life is short, death is sure
Sin the curse, Christ the cure
Do you have Christ in your heart, He is knocking at the door of your heart. Would you let Him come in?
Thought to ponder:
What is life for? What do you want to happen for your life?