Shocking Moment

Yesterday, early morning, we sent our friends to the airport, they’re going to Bangkok, then back to the Phil. It was our first time going to the airport after we went back to Thailand. We bid goodbye then went back to the center because my hubby and the company will be going to a school where we have extension classes. It’s 1 and a half hours away from the city. But I (with our sons) stayed in the center because I have classes.

When they went back, my hubby shared to us about something that happened on their way back home. While they were traveling back from the school, they were sharing and talking about something and suddenly, an army car bumped their car, it was so fast, that all of them inside the car were shocked. Thank God, there was no car passing, and immediately my hubby moved on the side and looked at the car because he was the one driving. Only the side mirror was scratched, and everyone was safe.

It’s good to say a prayer before going anywhere for protection and safety.