Lovers’ Day Journey

Last week my hubby mentioned about Valentine’s Day in his talk and I never thought that it’s coming sooner and now is the day. Days fly so fast that we can’t stop growing older each day.

Anyway, today is for lovers to enjoy. I remember when I was still studying in college and my hubby was just courting me that time. Everyday, he would bring anything like something to eat, a piece of rose, a short letter or a picture of something. And more so, during Valentine’s Day, he would bring something special. So “kilig”, right? That’s how he took my heart. Those were the days I always recall and told him sometimes, but then he would just laugh…

I could relate to most of the lovers because I had somewhat like the same experience. Most lovers are “kilig to the bones” that means they are so happy and excited all the time, every minute of the day. I believe everyone had passed through that, whether unexpressed emotions or suppressed feelings or whatever. That’s the beauty of love!

Yet the love of the Father is so great that He sent Jesus to die on our behalf. That’s another kind of love that is unfathomable and unconditional! May we always remember His Great Love and thank Him!