Giveaways from Las Vegas


Dhemz of Savour D’ Flavour is holding a fabulous contest with her Shopping Lists Product Reviews where you can find the entries. I’m glad to join in this kind of contest since it will be giving away items from Las Vegas, interesting, right? Here are the prizes at stake with the criteria:

The criteria is very easy. Here’s all you need to do:
1. Subscribe to her blog Here
2. Follow her blog Here
3. Add her blog/X-links Shopping List and Product Reviews
4. Blog about the contest

Prizes + a surprise gift:
(1) Las Vegas T-shirt (size: L)
(1) Las Vegas Hat
(3) Las Vegas Key Holder
(2) Las Vegas Pen
(1) Las Vegas Nail Buffer

Just look at the prizes… Wanna join? Just click the badge provided and you will be guided. Join now and enjoy the fun.

Another Enticing Contest in the Blogosphere

Another contest is here in the blogging world. If you have not seen it visit My Journey to Life blog. You can check the mechanics and it’s easy to join. Actually, she has 2 contests in one setting, one for Blogging and the other for Baby Contest. If you have a baby you can join here. You will be glad if you see the awards to be given to all the winners.

Try to check all the requirements in My Journey to Life contest and start joining, prizes are at stake, it’s great and you will really desire to have it too. Look at here below:

  1. Baby Contest: (Babies 0 to 6 years old are free to join) Babies should be wearing something red to complement the Month of Hearts.
You must be a follower of BabiesandContests and My Journey to Life to enter the contest. (Required)
Three winners will be chosen, the Baby who has the most number of votes will be named as Wonderful Baby of the Month, the second and third winners will be called 1st Princess/Prince and 2nd Princess/Prince respectively.
A title of MOST POPULAR BABY will be chosen with the most highest number of comments in our FaceBook Fan Page and BabiesandContests site. (The comment with the I VOTE will only be counted, one comment per one user)
A JUDGES PICK award will be given to one lucky baby who will be picked by our mommy judges.
One lucky WONDERFUL MOMMY will also take a beautiful prize as a token of her hardships and dedication. (You must be a follower of my blogs to win)
This is an online POLL Voting – 1 I.P. Address per one vote.
  1. Blogging Contest: (The contest is open for all, sponsors can also join)
Accomplish the required tasks to validate your entry, the rest are optional but the more you complete, the more points you will have and the more chances of winning.
Four winners will be chosen using Random Org. There will be extra winner for the Special prize.
I will notify winners by e-mail. So, don’t forget to put your e-mail in your entry. Winners will have 48 hours to respond by e-mail. If after 48 hours, no confirmation is made, I will pick another winner.
You can enter up to 3 blogs.
Both Baby and Blogging Contest will run until the 28th day of February and winners will be announced on the 4TH day of March to give me time to validate all your entries and count all the votes.
Wonderful Baby of the Month Printable Certificate
3 Months Magazine Subscription – Disney’s Princess (girls) Playhouse Disney – (boys) (must be Metro Manila area for free delivery, province winner shall be the one to shoulder the shipping)
A beautiful Baby Gifts and Bag for Mommy from Mommy Jentel Jacinto of Sophie Paris
Make-up Goodies from Mommy Clarissa of Kizuna
Wonderful Baby of the Month – 1st Princess/PrincePrintable Certificate Branded Baby Gift for Mommy and Baby from Mommy Riza of Crayonsnpencils
Wonderful Baby of the Month – 2nd Princess/Prince
Printable Certificate and Baby gifts from Mommy Maren

Most Popular Baby – Printable Certificate
Beautiful Gifts and GC from Mommy Kitty of TotsthatCount

Judges Pick – Printable Certificates

WONDERFUL MOMMY – 3 months magazine subscription – Smart Parenting from My Journey to Life

1st Wonderful Blogger

One domain name for one year at GoDaddy – Pinoy Blogger
(value at $10)
Template for Blogger or WordPress – your own color choice – Wahmaholic
$5 Paypal – My Journey to Life
$5 Paypal – Make Money Online
Badges/Button – BabiesandContests
5000 EC – AnakniKulapo
5000 EC – Mommy Journey
2000 EC – Mumblings
1000 EC – At Home Here
1000 EC – Dishes by Pehpot
1000 EC – Reviews Inc.
1000 EC –
1000 EC – Make Money Online
2 months ad space My Journey to Life
1 month ad space
1 month ad space Home Buddies
1 month ad space Make or Break
1 month ad space
1 month ad space Anothercontest
1 month ad space Isherrygo
1 month ad space Lurververything
1 month ad space MyMomsBest
1 month ad space Thereishappiness
1 month ad space BabiesandContests
1 month ad space Wonderful World of Peachy
1 month ad space Novice on Blogging
1 month ad space Yam’s Files
1 month ad space Simple pero Rock
1 month ad space Kizuna
1 month ad space Bloguardian Hellsite : Overcashed
2nd Wonderful Blogger
$5 Paypal – BrisbaneAustralia
$5 Paypal – A Woman Remembers

10 gb Hosting – My Little’s Angel Journey
2000 EC – Mumblings
1000 EC – Wahmaholic
2 months ad space My Journey to Life
1 month ad space
1 month ad space Home Buddies
1 month ad space Bee Mommy
1 month ad space Mom’s Write for a Cause
1 month ad space Supladita
1 month ad space HeartRandom
1 month ad space Namesherry
1 month ad space Sherrygo
1 month ad space Twinshappiness
1 month ad space My Hand made crystal
1 month ad space My family daily adventure
1 month ad space Also Mommy
1 month ad space Wonderful World of Peachy
1 month ad space Earn money Online with Red
1 month ad space A Woman Remembers

1 week ad space and forever link to Pinoy Blogger
3rd Wonderful Blogger
1000 EC – Camerasexy
1000 EC – Sexy blogging
1000 EC – So Pweety
1000 EC – I Heart Contest
1000 EC – My fantasy blog
1000 EC – All about my life
1000 EC – Jay L
1 month ad space My Journey to Life
1 month ad space Home Buddies
1 month ad space Novice on Blogging
1 month ad space Mom’s Write for a Cause
1 month ad space Oh-so-random
1 month ad space BacolodandBeyondJourney
1 month ad space and 1,000 EC His Unfailing Love
1 month ad space TH Corner
1 month ad space BabiesandContests
1 month ad space Wonderful World of Peachy
1 month ad space Pinkville – Pink & Magic Convergence Zone

1 month ad space Spread the Word
1 month ad space Fashion Explorer
1 month ad space Tasty Exploration

SPECIAL WINNER of 1 year ad space – BabiesandContests
3 sewing online tutorials from Whimsy couture Boutique

You see? It’s a big contest too. Try to join now and have fun.

Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good

Thanksgiving Contest

Another contest is here again. I love to join in many contests here in the blogosphere because it’s fun and I enjoy posting, huh! However, this contest is really different and interesting, why? It’s a kind of contest that give glory to God. I remember the song we love to sing in our church in the Phil. It is entitled, “Count your blessings name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done,” does it sound great? I honestly say Yes and Amen! It’s easy for us to forget what we had received in the past but it’s so hard to say “Thank You” to the giver of life and the Creator of all things. God deserves all the best, he deserves to be given honor and glory.

This year we received a lot of blessings from the Lord. However, it doesn’t end there, we also encounter pains and hardship. Life is full of surprises! But with our God all the pains turn into a blessing. Let me share to you some of the things that I am THANKFUL about:

1. His grace that is sufficient and the life He gave.

2. For God’s provision for our passport renewal, until now we’re not sure where it came from but
God knows, He used someone to bless us (to renew passport in another country is expensive).

3. When we came back to Thailand we spend a lot because of so many things to buy and prepare to settle again. We missed giving our tithe and in my prayer, I told the Lord, after our passport renewal, if He will use someone to bless us, we will give it all back to Him. That was my vow to God. The next month after our passport renewal, true enough, someone send some amount for us, 20,000 baht, for us it’s big already, but I need to pay my vow to the Lord. The blessings was, the next few weeks, we received a message that my niece passed away. I was crying a lot and asked the Lord why? That was an unexpected news because in the morning they just visited my other sister, then in the afternoon, she was taken by the Lord. You know what happened? We don’t have anything to spend for our airfare back home but the Lord send someone to provide. We really didn’t expect to go back to the Phil. during that month because we have nothing to spend. Amazingly, He provided through a friend.

4. In my other post I shared about my niece who died of leukemia last Aug. but she experienced a miracle – for 7 months she was healed and everything was okay but the Lord has His will and He makes no mistakes! Through her death, many came to know the Lord. God can still do miracles! In our pain came the blessing.

5. This month has a lot of celebrations in our family. My sister celebrated her birthday last Dec3, my Nanay(mother) will celebrate her birthday tomorrow (Dec8), my hubby will also celebrate his birthday on the 29th and our nephew on the 30th . But the big thing is, my hubby and I will celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary on the 23rd. Can you imagine this kind of celebrations? Just count how old are we now, lol! just kidding. God has been good and faithful to us. Glory to His name!

6. This month I will also celebrate my 1st anniversary in the blogosphere. I was thinking to have a contest too but I don’t know how to do it. If there are friends who are willing to share a helping hand, I guess, I will decide on it. I don’t know how to make a badge and everything needed for a contest.

7. I won in some contests this year here in the blogosphere and I’m thankful to the Lord that I was blessed with friends here and there, not only in my blogging world but also outside the corner of this blog. And besides, 7 is my favorite number, in line with creation (7days). So this is my final thanksgiving list.

Thanks Online Mommy’s Corner for this contest. If I will share our journey, I could have make a book then, just kidding! Anyhow, we are blessed because we obeyed the Lord.

1st Prize

1 Year Free Web Hosting (worth $10) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner

1 Year dot com Domain chosen by the winner – Trends Zone

Personalized Template* – Random Thoughts of a WAHM

Site Button / Badge – All About Elizabeth

Post Signy – Thoughts and Obsessions

$10 Paypal Funds – Online’s Mommy’s Corner

$5 Paypal Funds – IT Mommy Info

1 year Featured link – bloghitlist

4000 EC – Dothy World

2000 EC – The Mommy Journey

2000 EC – Her and History

1000 EC – Our Adventure Together

1000 EC – Thoughts and Obsessions

125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR3) – IT Mommy Info

125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR3) – Life Expressions

125×125 ad space for 2 months (PR2) – All About My Life

125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR2) – Bloguardian Hellsite Overcashed

125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR2) – Mom Writes for A Cause

125×125 ad space for 3 months (PR 1) – Online’s Mommy’s Corner

125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR 1) – A Momma âs Journal

125×125 ad space for 1 month – Garden of Moments

2nd Prize

1 Year Free Hosting – Rubz Online

dot info Domain – SEO Friendly Blog Directory

1 year Featured link – bloghitlist

Site Badge Button – All About Elizabeth

Post Signy – Thoughts and Obsessions

$10.00 Paypal Funds – I love Darly

$5.00 Paypal Funds- Pinay Mommy Online

2000 EC – The Movie Mommy

2000 EC – Chika Buzz

2000 EC – Friendship and Smiles

2000 EC – Lourdes’ Mia

2000 EC – Reviewer’s Haven

125×125 ad space for a month (PR3)- A Woman’s Blog

125×125 ad space for a month (PR3)- OnlineBiz and resources

125×125 ad space for a month (PR2)- Moolah Musings

125×125 ad space for a month (PR2) – Pensive Thoughts

125 x125 ad space for a month (PR2) – How I Earn Money Online

125×125 ad space for a month (PR 1) – I LAV ContEsts aNd MoRe!!

125×125 ad space for a month (PR1) – Pinay in States

125X125 ad space for a month – Shopaholic Chronicles

3rd Prize

Site Badge Button – All About Elizabeth

Post Signy – Thoughts and Obsessions

1 year Featured link- bloghitlist

$5 – Crayons and Pencil

$5 – Niko’s Blog

1000 EC – Inspirational Insights

1000 EC – Me, Myself and Jes

1000 EC – Princess Ishi

1000 EC – Prince Ethans Journal

1000 EC – My Little Angels

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1000 EC – A Blessed Life

1000 EC – Tasty Exploration

125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR3) – Home Buddies

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125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR2) – Azumi My Lil Dolly Princess Story

125X125 ad space for 1month (PR2) – Our Clans Marveling

125×125 ad space for 1 month (PR1) – Yam’s File

125×125 ad space for 1 month – Travelin’ With Marie

Visit and join too. Share to us your blessings this year! A blessed day to all!

Win $200 from Fedhz Blogversary/Bday Contest

I saw this contest few weeks ago but I didn’t dare to join because of my hectic schedule. As I wrote some posts I saw this again from Chris with her Mommy Moments. I guess, this is the right time to join. This is a great contest, you can Win $200 from Fedhz Blogversary/Bday Contest. Try to click the link to know more about it and on how to join. It’s easy.

Fedhz is celebrating her first blogversary with her birthday celebration in November. It’s a double celebration that’s why she is giving away huge gifts for the winners. So why wait, join now and enjoy the fun. Hope you won’t forget to mention my name if you join the contest. Let’s celebrate with Fedhz on her great celebrations!

A Call to Celebrate Her and History’s Life’s and Love

I’m excited to join this contest, I have heard of this from Genejosh last month and last Monday was the grand opening. Wow, it’s grand because it’s a Call to Celebrate – Her and History’s Life and Love and you can win great and fabulous prizes, at stake! She has a lot to celebrate, the 1st birthday of her son, his father’s 51st birthday, her 2nd wedding anniversary with her beloved and a lot more. So a big celebration is at hand this month. What a multiple celebration of her loved ones – and her family. You can join too. Just click the link and join. It will end on the 5th of Nov. so you still have time.

A Call To Celebrate

1st prize:$55, 20,000 EC, ad spaces, .info domain and blog hosting, blog review (worth $15)

$50- Buraot and Anak ni Kulapo
$5- Pinay Mommy Online
.info domain with free 1 year blog hosting- Pinay Mommies Communities
5000 EC – Mommy Journey
3000 EC Cornymans Money-Blog
3000 EC All about babies and Kids
3000 EC – Simply Happy Life
2000 EC- The Movie Mommy
2000 EC- Chika Buzz
1000 EC – Love’s Haven
1000 EC- Kalidadis
125×125 ad space for a month (PR 3)= A Woman’s Blog
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125×125 ad space for a month (PR 2)= Moolah Musings
125×125 ad space for a month (PR 1)= I Love Contest and More!
125×125 ad space at Wannabesuper Mommy
125×125 ad space at CrossRoads…where ideas meet
125×125 ad space at Pinay Blogger at Home
125×125 ad space at Moi et mon univers!
125×125 ad space at Sassy Chicks World
125×125 ad space at Tambayan ng mga Uragon

Blog reviews:

2nd prize: $30, 18,000 EC’s,.info domain and 1 year WP blog hosting,ad spaces, blog reviews (worth $10)
$20 – Seiko’s Diary
$5 – babyblog Azumi ★
$5 – My Kawaii Princess
5000 EC – Wonderful Things In Life
5000 EC – Her and History
2500 EC – Thoughts in Daily Living
2500 EC- Parenting Notes
2000 EC – Our Adventures Together
1000 EC- Mi Mundo Del Amor
info domain Online Mommy’s Corner
1 year free WP blog hosting Online Mommy’s Corner
1 month ad space (PR1)- Mouth’s Delight
1 month 125×125 ad space- Just About Anything
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1 month 125×125 ad space at Walk With Me

Blog Reviews:

3rd prize: $25, 15,000 EC’s, web hosting space, ad spaces, blog review (worth $5)
$5- From Asia and Beyond
$5- RandomWAHMThoughts
$5- My Life’s Perception & Inspiration
$5 – Just About Anything
$5- Make or Break
2000 EC – Just About Anything
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1 month 125×125 ad space at My Passion
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3 months ad space (PR 2) – Rewards Station
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5 GB web hosting space
Blog review- Sassy Chicks World

4th prize: $15, 13,000 EC’s, ad spaces
$5- Life of a Filipina Blogger
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5th prize: $5, 11,000 EC’s, ad spaces
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6th prize: 9,000 EC’s
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7th prize: 7,000 EC’s
1000 EC- Laine’s Abode
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1000 EC- People, Places, Events, Good Food and My Life
1000 EC- My Little Angels
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8th prize: 5,000 EC’s
1000 EC- The Story of My Life
1000 EC- The Certified Pinoy Blogger
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9th prize: 3,500 EC’s
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500 EC- The Fashion Explorer

10th prize: 2,500 EC’s
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500 EC- My Memories and Crystals

Special Prizes:

5 sets of assorted handmade greeting cards- DarlingRose Paper Goods – US & Philippines shipping only

5 sets of assorted handmade greeting cards – Momgen Paper Designs – US & Philippines shipping only

2 pairs of Earrings – Momgen’s Corner – worldwide shipping

Special privilege
:If somebody who join the contest will buy one of Momgen’s Store’s items they can have a free gift…..

Free Blog Makeover worth $15 (for blogger platform only) . Leave a separate comment if you’re interested to win a Free Blog Makeover. Just type “COUNT ME IN FOR FREE BLOG MAKEOVER”.

My Web-blog Designs
Femikey Designs

Just join the fun and enjoy the celebration with Her and History.