Our Trip Back to the Phil.

We just came back to Thailand from the Phil. for 2 weeks, and we were blessed by how God provided everything we need especially the provisions and protection back and forth.

We went back to be with our bereaved family. Our niece passed away and we want to be a blessing to our family and friends too. Before the funeral of our niece there were several services given by different groups and many came to know the Lord and were challenged to be faithful to Him through the life of our niece. Though she had undergone a lot of pains caused by Leukemia (with chemo and everything) she still continued to serve the Lord young as she was(14yrs). She was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 7, had undergone chemotherapy, her sickness recurred when we went back home last year. Three days before we left back to Thailand she was miraculously healed, although during those times we were prepared because her tummy and legs were already swelling with jaundice eyes; but the Lord was so gracious to her and to all of us. She told us that someone came to her and massage her head during the night, she thought that it was one of us but my sister was insisting that maybe she was just hallucinating because she was just went out from the hospital . But the thing was, when we got the result of her laboratory tests, 2 days before we leave, back to Thailand, all of the tests was normal. We were all blessed seeing the miracle that happened. For 7 months she was okay. Try to check here if you want to know more about the miracle that happened.

But we were shocked for what had happened lately. We had many questions why it happened ????? why the Lord took her. But the Lord has a purpose and plan for everyone. And through her death, many came to know the Lord. After the burial, our cousin send a message that my mother’s brother died also. So we went and visited the family of my mother in another island. It is known as Guimaras Island. We traveled by boat in going to the place and we took the opposite way coming back because of the heavy rain. Our cousin showed us the way to Iloilo, and we took Weesam – the fastest ferry boat going back to Bacolod.

Our trip was really a hectic one with a lot of things to do but was able to survive and we’re now back to Thailand.