Children’s Day

This Children’s Day Celebration Today is children’s day in Thailand. The children are busy and excited to join the games prepared for them. Even parents are looking forward for this day. It is celebrated every first saturday of January. Malls have their own preparations for kids to enjoy especially the giving gifts. Universities, colleges, and other schools are also open for children to join the said event. It’s nice to have this kind of activity wherein children were given a chance to participate, enjoy, and receive gifts.

For more than 3 years now that our kids joined this awaited event. Parents are enjoying as well, so do we, seeing our kids having lots of gifts and games to enjoy as well. Children went to different places and receive different gifts, enjoy the food and games prepared for each group or organization. It’s fun. We don’t have like this in the Phil. AJ joined the painting contest
He also participated in Robotics control And take a pose
And another pause with the persons’ in charge.
People are busy coming back and forth, everybody I think is involved especially those who are working in the government offices, schools and universities, and even malls, department stores and the like. They joined together for this said event and share what they have for the children.