Call of the Outdoors

I am a nature lover. I loved roughing it out in the outdoors, smelling the fresh cool breeze of the mountains and listening to the bubbling streams, crickets and night creatures. Usually when I feel choked and walled- up, I just pack my backpack with the barest essentials. Then, take 30 minutes drive away from the city, reaching the foot of the mountain that forms the chain of mountain ranges in the area.

It will take a 45 minutes hike to reach a settlement near the top of the mountain. The people in this village know me personally because of our reforestation works on this area for the past years. Our efforts paid off, because the area becomes a protected park, with the aim of preserving the endemic faunas and floras.

I have to sign my name on a logbook to enter the area – of which a villager will act as a guide. But today, I don’t need a guide; I just want to be on my own. So I followed a less traveled hiking path leading upward to the camping ground and a small waterfall. I pass by the settlement primitive cable car that spans the river canyon for 150 meters to the other side. They use it to transport local products bound for the market and also for people crossing, without this cable car – it will take them one day to go to the other side. I guess, it would be more interesting to hike with my family in a caravan holiday parks and enjoy the beauty of nature.

I spent my day, trying new hiking trails, I took a dip on the cool waterfalls, slake my thirst from a bubbling spring, after taking my lunch I climbed the highest promontory of the park’s the camping ground. I spread my sleeping bag under the shade of a tree and nap – I woke late in the afternoon, when the sun is about to set on the horizon. The golden ray creates a kaleidoscope of colors, bathing the valleys below with its last warmth. I told myself, “it’s worth the trip…” reluctantly I left my perch and slowly trudge the path leading down the mountain, crickets and night birds begun their ode to sun. Below, the settlement stirs with the evening activities, I can hear mothers calling their children home, men pulling their cattle’s to their shades, and others cooking their evening meals. Just before me, I can see the flickering lights of the fireflies chasing one another… Indeed, it’s amazing to have a holiday much more if I go with some friends for a caravan holiday parks and just to rest for a while. I know I will be back another day!

One thought on “Call of the Outdoors”

  1. Although the post was very idyllic and serene, I could not help but remember an American peace corps volunteer who sauntered in the woodlands in the Mountain province several years ago and who was raped and murdered. It's great to commune with Mother Nature at times but do it with a trusted companion for you are a woman and quite vulnerable. I'm just concerned about your safety my friend. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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