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There is still time though I’m late, hehe! I remember when I was a newly wed, hubby would love to prepare something for me and we often had breakfast in bed. Oh how sweet, I missed those days. When the time passed… it changes, especially when we had already kids to be taken cared of. I could say, those were the days.

Love, however, still keeping intact to both of us. Until now, he would kiss me anywhere, especially when I’m cooking, or doing something, if he’s around – he would kiss and say the sweet words, he’s indeed a sweet guy, more so if I did something for him like footspa with a massage and other things he would love. That’s my hubby! Sometimes, our sons though would “wink and sigh” of his sweetness.

I always agree, it takes two to tango in marriage, and we need to show how we care to our spouse. Doing extra mile is something we need to do in order to make a happy family.

I would like to share the message I’ve learned when we celebrated the hearts’ day, it says…

Happy Wife

Happy Life

6 thoughts on “Breakfast in Bed -Couple’s Corner”

  1. Oh yeah, I believe in Happy Wife, Happy Life. Hehehe! Thanks for joining this week's CC. Nong una lang ba ang breakfast in bed? iba rin ang feeling di ba? kasi parang ang sweet. Hubby ko bihira lang din ako i breakfast in bed, kapag may sakit lang yata ako, aray ku! samanlatalang siya, madalas kong lutuan kapag weekend, hayz..

    Take care and I hope you will be good when you go to the Philippines. Keep us updated. Happy trip.

  2. wow… you're hubby's so sweet to do that.. but sabi nga nila, the best gift of love you can give your children is by showing that you love each other dba?

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