Anak ni Kulapo – It’s fun

Another blog that I wanted to highlight today is a Filipino blog of course written by a Filipino with a Filipino heart and written in Filipino language, lol! I’m not sure if you have heard and read his blog, I did! Anak ni Kulapo is a Filipino blog full of humor and stories that will make you laugh. I enjoyed listening to the music as well when I opened the blog. I love it because I’m a Filipino. It’s a nice blog and it’s a different kind of blog where you can gain insights too as you keep on reading. Everything is written in Filipino and I guess most of the visitors are Filipinos. It’s fun reading his posts.

He already sponsored many blog contests. And not only that, he is always the major sponsor. He had been blessing many bloggers in the blogging industry. His humor made people laugh. Filipino bloggers enjoyed and kept visiting his blog. Sya’y makatao at maka-Pilipino. He makes people enjoy while reading through his posts. He had other blog written in English of course like I am Buraot. It’s fun to surf Anak ni Kulapo blogs. He got a lot of insights for Filipinos to think. If you want to laugh or be free for a while try visiting his blog and you will enjoy.

Filipinos are everywhere in the world and if they find this site I guess, they will enjoy reading his posts which is written in Filipino.

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