Thailand Opportunities…

A friend of mine sent a message just this evening that schools in Thailand were looking for teachers who are qualified and willing to go beyond the borders. After hearing it, I immediately posted, lo and behold… a lot of my students flocked in and asked for more details. I’m glad to be back to where I had been a decade ago.

I’m excited for them. This is seldom but when you have the desire, you will really find ways and explore a greener pasture and a better tomorrow. Somehow, this experience will not be compared and the experiences you have had in the past will continue to linger and become a part of your life. It will never be compared to something and you will treasure every bit of it amidst the struggles it may bring as you journey to the next chapter of your life.

I encourage you to post here and write your complete name with your course and major. We will find ways!

I can keep track here than on my Facebook page. See you!