Yummy Sunday

I don’t have anything to share last new year because we didn’t prepare anything considering that there are only four of us – it’s really different when you are in a different country. Anyway, I took this photo last time during our wedding anniversary. We ate at KFC during lunch time.

Happy New Year to all of you my friends. Blessings to all of you this year and onwards… More posts with Perfectly Blended.


6 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday”

  1. Hindi ka nagiisa Ate Sarj. Hindi rin kami naghanda. Actually, kaya kami umuwi sa amin kapag new year kase tatatlo kami sa house, ang asawa ko, ako at ang makulet kong anak.

    Gus2 ko rin KFC pero dito sa Pinas mas mura sa Jollibee kesa KFC nyhahaha…

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