Yummy Sunday # 5

Last Sunday I shared some pictures taken when we made “Ratna” – one of my favorites and delicious Thai food. Here are the ingredients:

1. carrots – cut into small pieces
2. cauliflower – cut it smaller (any style you want)
3. pechay leaves – cut in smaller size
4. noodles – bigger size mixed with black sauce
then fry with garlic for 3 minutes and set aside
5. ingredients to make a soup
– water (3 cups) if many add more water
– flour mixed with water
– knor chicken cubes
– light soy sauce
– chicken fellet( I suggest the shredded one )
– soybean sauce
– salt to taste

Prepare vinegar with chilli in a small bowl to make a sauce and it makes more delicious.

How to cook:

1. Boil the water, then add chicken, carrots, cauliflower and
let it keep boiling (maybe around 2 minutes)
2. Then add pechay leaves and mixed
3. Add the fried noodles then put all the remaining ingredients
4. Then add salt to taste … and that’s it!

According to my Thai friends, Thai food is easy to prepare and easy to cook too.
Hope you enjoy cooking Thai food.

Don’t forget the sauce. It’s really delicious.

The Sauce

Let me know if you have tried it. Blessings to you all. Have a blessed Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday # 5”

  1. Wow I love what you cook. So irresistibly yummy. I missed the filipino dishes, it reminds me of my ate who loves to cook. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

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