Yummy Sunday # 4

We started our English Camp this week so I don’t have enough time to blog. But I’m still awaiting this time to share because it’s Sunday.

This week I had asked my Thai friend to make my favorite Thai food “Ratna” and I saw how she made it. I will try to write the recipe next time. I will show you how she made it. Quite easy and interesting.

The Sauce

Thai food are very delicious because of their tasty sauce.
I will try to make a recipe next time and you can try it.


2 thoughts on “Yummy Sunday # 4”

  1. I really appreciate if you give us the recipe of this one. Looks yummy. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. Ate mao gamay pa nakaanhi sa imo kay imo URL gihatag sa yummy sunday molead man sa My Memories na blog….

    Ate kagutom man…am hungry seeing Ratna…sarap jud sya…

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