When COVID Strikes

I would like to share something that I truly experienced when COVID strikes my family. Somehow, this message gives me joy to bless other people amidst the hassles and dazzles of life when this pandemic strikes the world. This message is something that I love reading today. It gives colours to life…..

Life continues whatever happens
All we need is to be positive and be brave
With all the challenges we encounter
Faith in God is still the best armor.

It’s not that easy to experience this kind of virus that strikes the world. It breaks our hearts and wonder why? Why is this happening? I, for one, with my son had the same experience. We were in the mountainside and stayed for a while having that thought of being safe since we were away from the maddening crowd, from the city. However, virus is everywhere. We cannot see, we could not feel nor knew if it is already there. But it strikes us and we found ourselves already in the quarantine area after the swabbing experience. We were succumb with fear not knowing what may happen next. But God is faithful, He delivered us and helped us to survive. In this time of pandemic, we have no choice but to call upon the Name that is above every name. The only way we can do is to pray and ask for His help, guidance, healing and blessing! What a faithful God we have!

So therefore, keep going, keep challenging, and keep loving people – life must go on. Think positive and be brave. God is waiting for us to trust and call upon Him daily. We just need to humble ourselves. He loves and cares for people. Call upon Him now, He is waiting…

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