What a Day!

Yesterday, I had a tremendous experience from Bacolod to Manila. Let me tell you a story. I was busy preparing for my travel to Thailand – doing many things here and there, that’s one of the reasons why I failed to visit you for the past weeks.

As usual, when you are going to another place there are always that last minute things that need to be done and accomplished. I guess, most of you can relate to that. Yesterday, I was about to go when Sony appliance send a message that the videocam that they repaired was already fixed and is now working. That is one of the things that I needed for my respondents in Thailand for my thesis. So therefore, I was so excited to pass by before going to the airport. When I reached there, I waited for a while and remembered that I did not bring the charger, I asked the sales lady for the price of the charger and she said it’s 2k, and since my money is running over, I don’t have enough to buy I was forced to go back home and get the charger. It was not already in my mind to bring the videocam thinking that it won’t be fixed, that’s why I didn’t bother to bring the charger.

On our way to the airport, I was praying and asking the Lord for protection because my brother-in-law was already rushing while driving. When we reached the airport, I was so relaxed that I did not think of bringing extra money for other fees since my previous travels I didn’t pay that much. When the cashier asked me for the payment, I was shocked for the amount, because I told her that I won’t stay long in Thailand and I will come back after 3 weeks. Since I don’t have that much to pay, I looked for an ATM to get some amount. There was only one ATM around the area and it was not working, I immediately called my brother-in-law and but he was already outside the airport so I was forced again to look for a vehicle to bring me outside the airport. It took me half an hour to travel back and forth. anyway, I reached the place and was able to pay. Then I proceeded to the check-in counter waited for another quarter an hour and flew to Manila.

Supposedly, I had a connecting flight from Bacolod to Bangkok but sad to say I was denied. It might be okay if I will be going to the U.S. that’s the irony there. I reached Manila before 6 pm but when I was already at the immigration counter the lady wondered why I had a working visa but I will go as a tourist.

I explained that I was sick and went home last March and needed medical attention, and I’m not working anymore in Thailand. But I will just visit my husband who is still there for 3 weeks. The funny and irony thing is, I have my visa but they won’t allow me to go because I told them that I was not working there anymore. I felt bad because there are people working with Cebu Pacific who are already waiting for those who have a little bit problem and immediately ask my luggage to be offload. I was trying to ask a favor to another immigration but Cebu Pacific people were in a hurry to stop me, when I asked them what shall I do, they just tell me just buy another ticket, just as simple as that. They don’t have the heart to people, in helping their need, sad to say.

I was hopeless and asked the Lord for help, in times like these, when nobody prayed on your behalf, you might get frustrated. But I’m still thankful for people who are there praying for me. Thank you so much!

I have another option today, I will be going to Thai Embassy and ask them to cancel my visa so that I can buy a ticket and go. I still need to go for many reasons. But I still need to pray and ask the Lord for provision, I still believe, HE WHO PROMISED IS FAITHFUL AND TRUE TO ALL HIS PROMISES… I need to cling on to God for help, mercy and HIS grace to abound. Please do pray with me. Thank you so much and I will let you know for the update later.


4 thoughts on “What a Day!”

  1. I feel for you sis, dyan kasi sa atin imbis na tulungan ang kapwa pinoy eh mas lalo nilang pinapahirapan. Ganyan nagyari sakin when I renewd my passport, nadelay yung process kaya yung ticket na binili namin eh nasayang.. But you are right, in order to lessen the burden, pray na lang tayo of His guidance all the time. Hope you can resolve your problem.

  2. I am praying for you.

    Ate, the best way to do is to ask an invitation letter from Kuya in Thailand because it happened to my friend's brother too. My friend sent an invitation letter to her brother (xerox of his work permit and her visa too)and telling that she'll sponsor all the expenses. So her brother traveled to Thailand the following day coz the immigration officer allowed her brother to travel to Thailand. Actually, they're bit strict now due to many Filipinos traveling to Thailand as tourists then they wont come back home coz they found jobs there already.

  3. Yes, prayer helps us a lot and God will always make a way where there seems to be no way. But we must always think logically and plan our moves so that we will not encounter much delays and problems. Your troubles could have been avoided if you added hindsight and proper planning. Anyway, all things work together for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His purpose. Yes, we will pray for you. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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