We Love Sports

Hubby and I love sports, exercises and recreation. Everytime we have spare time we usually go out together or with the kids and do exercise or watch any kind of sports around the place. Hubby loves barbel more or even weight training since he’s a man on the go, he loves that kind of exercise. More so, in playing basketball, he met some friends in the university who also love to play that kind of game. Many times when we’re together, he played well especially in teaching his friends on How to Dunk since basketball is not an official game of Thailand. He really enjoyed playing basketball to the max.

He would miss playing it when he’s busy and doing many things. He would always asked my permission to let him go if he had spare time. Or even at times when we’re still sleeping early in the morning, he would go out and enjoy his exercises with some friends who are already waiting for him. There was one time that we went out with our kid and we played basketball together, he even taught us How to Dunk. It was fun and we enjoyed. It was an experience that our kid missed and asked us to go out again.

Basketball in the Philippines is an interesting and official sport. Wherever you go, you could see people playing. The government provided courts to different places inside the community just to give a chance to the out-of-school-youth to play with their peers. They enjoyed playing this kind of game as well. And many players know How to Dunk especially the women, they have their own style of playing.


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  1. It's great that both you and your hubby are sports minded. Basketball is not that famous in Thailand. They play soccer more there. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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