Watery Wednesday # 9 – Phil Island

Watery Wednesday is up again, I love waters. Without water, people can’t live longer. Without water those living in the rivers, seas and ocean might die, therefore water is very important to all living things above the earth or beneath the ocean.

Every time we travel, my 6-year old will always take pictures when he saw water along the way. Sometimes he would tell me, Mama there’s water, I’ll take some pictures, and we all laugh at him.

Glad to join this meme every Wednesday, it helps me keep going. Visit more posts here. They got fantastic views of today’s meme.


6 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday # 9 – Phil Island”

  1. I can't decide which I like better – the reflections of the sky, seen through the tree trunks, or the waves against the island!!

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