Unity Amidst Diversity

At present, humanity has started to intentionally resolve the issue of discrimination. We have come a long way from being divided into helping one another. In the past, people chose to believe that they are more of a superior class or race than other human beings. The French revolution for instance, history shows how nobles have discriminated those of the lower class, specifically slaves. Due to that barrier, a revolution was instigated creating a faction that would overthrow the nobles. The Romans, Egyptians and Hitler have also discriminated the Jews resulting in genocide and slavery. In every point of history, humans have been selfish with their own desires. There have been glimpses of hope in the past of people of different races helping one another to get through tough times and in today’s society it is evident enough that we have come a long way.

              The image below shows that society today has found a way to help one another and be a part of something bigger. There has been constant improvement in resolving the issue of discrimination and of course, we cannot dispute the fact that there are still some who do not adhere to the resolution, but it still shows that we are becoming closer to being more understanding with one another. This pandemic has shown what unity can do, especially in times like this. The future generation will have a better understanding on how the world works and how they should do their part in order to make it a better place.

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Unity in Diversity

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