Then Sings My Soul

Then Sings My Soul is the meme I’ve missed a lot. I wasn’t able to join for quite sometime. Though I’m a bit dizzy I will still write because of my love for music. Hymns is one of my favorite songs that I love most as what I’ve shared last time. It has a greater part in my walk with the Lord when I was still young (before high school). We were trained to sing hymns during our family devotional. So therefore, I will share one hymn that we usually sang during those times.

Amy has more to share in Signs, Miracles and Wonders.

8 thoughts on “Then Sings My Soul”

  1. Blessings Princess Sarah…I'm so glad that you were able to post this beautiful hymn so we rejoice & praise Him even when times are hard. I pray that Jesus, Your Healer, comes & touches you with His healing so that all dizziness leaves in Jesus' Name.
    It's great to hear you family instilled singing great praise worthy hymns when you were young! Thanks for sharing this great Fanny Crosby hymn and for your visit!

    To God Be the glory now & forever!

  2. Yes music, especially praise and worship songs, propels our heart and soul to the spiritual sphere of the angels who worship and praise God constantly. That is why we seem to be elevated to the heavenly realm whenever we hear or sing our favorite praise and worship songs. True, harmonic and fine music is from God. Heavy rock and metal are from the enemy. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

  3. I love hymns too! This is a favorite of mine also. Thank you for posting it today. It's such a nice change from some of the more contemporary songs. However, I really like a mix of Christian music so it is so great when there's a variety to listen and sing.

    Blessings and I agree with Peggy's comment …to God be the glory!


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