Then Sings my Soul Saturdays

One of the songs that I love most during Christmas is this song, “We are the Reason.” We are the reason that our Saviour Jesus Christ died on the cross. Christmas is a reminder that Jesus was born, but it wasn’t ended there, He suffered, died and rose again on the third day and rose up to heaven with the Father. It’s good news. Jesus came to set us free. We used to sing this song when I was studying and trained singers too in our place in the Phil. I really love this song.

Amy with her Signs, Miracles and Wonders has a lot to share, try to visit her. A blessed weekend to all!

3 thoughts on “Then Sings my Soul Saturdays”

  1. Sarah, what a beautiful song. I never heard it before now but the piano playing was simply awesome. And I loved the words to this song. Thank you for sharing on TSMSS.


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