Thankful Thursday # 6

It’s Thursday again and I’m glad that I can thank my God for all the things He has done this week and the rest of our lives.

This is a week where we remember God’s love through sending His son Jesus to die on the cross and through Him we can have life eternal. He sacrificially suffered on our behalf. This is what Thankful Thursday is all about! We are thankful because of His great love.

The great thing is, Jesus did not die and nothing happened. But He was raised from the dead on the third day. What a hope and a great blessing to all of us.

I am always grateful to….

* God for His Unfailing Love
* Jesus for His sufferings and death on the cross – it is really sacrificial love
* my great family
* my friends
* the country where I belong
* all the people that God loved – my prayer is that all mankind might come to know Jesus’ love
and recognize HIM as Lord and Savior

Thank you Laurie for leading this Thankful Thursday. More Thankful Thursday here

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