Thankful Thursday # 10 — Mother

My sister and her family with Nanay and Tatay

I don’t feel like writing today because of the message that I had received from my family in the Phil. a while ago. But when I saw one post that Thankful Thursday is focused on mothers I decided to write.
Why I don’t feel like writing? Maybe some of you may ask. It’s because my niece who had Leukemia before was diagnosed again to have it recurred and is in the hospital right now for blood transfusion. She was miraculously healed last year in October. You can check it here because I wrote something about it, and if you want to know the whole story.
My sister told me that she’s already confused of what’s going on but I believe it’s the work of the enemy and we declare healing for niece, Dawna Gaylle, and that the enemy have no chance to disturb her again by the power and the blood of the Lord Jesus that was shed on the cross! And I claim it right now! Praying that you will pray with me and my family too and declare God’s power to be manifested!
She was baptized recently and was excited to join the choir but this was happened again. My sister told me that she is ready anytime if the Lord will take her but we felt sad because she is still young just 14 years old. She had undergone a lot of pains already with chemotherapy and all the pains she had but she was able to survive.
The doctor who had agreed that it’s a miracle, now was recommending another man to visit and ask for help whom other Filipinos thought that he is Jesus??????? Another misbelief came to them. But my sister disagreed because he is not!!!!!!!! I’m not sure of that man too because the name is new to me! Anyway, we need more prayers to help us conquer the enemy! Please do!
Back to Thankful Thursday, I’m still glad to remember my Nanay (our mother). And I’m thankful for her life and dedication to help us grow and become a better person with our Tatay (father) too. Thank you so much Nanay and Tatay for lifting us up in your prayers. We were blessed because you had prayed for us always! We may not be around but our prayers would always be there.

My Nanay with my youngest sister. My sister sent this picture last time.

Blessings to all!!! HAPPY MOTHERS’ DAY to all the mothers!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I’m praying for your niece. I am encouraged that you find reasons to be thankful even in difficult times. Thank you, and God bless you!

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