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Talking to a new found friend working in Thailand is indeed an enjoyable and exciting experience. I had been to Thailand a decade ago and I feel I’m back for a day thinking of the experience I had.

I will be meeting with Ms Beth soon but students who desired must have a passport in order to travel. If you desire to go to Thailand first thing first, a passport, must be the priority. She will be 12 teachers as soon as possible.

5 thoughts on “Thailand Updates”

  1. Hi Doc,
    I am Danica Claire S. Eupratan a graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics.
    Looking forward for the opportunity to work in Thailand.
    I am a Licensed Professional Teacher with passport.

  2. I am willing Doc. I have my passport and I have a TESOL Certificate. Hoping for your good response?

  3. Hi, Doc! I am willing to teach in Thailand. I already have passport, TOR, CAV, and any other documents. Hoping and praying for a positive response. Thank you very much.

  4. Good Day!

    I have a passport. I am a Licensed Professional English Teacher with more than a year of experience teaching English as a Second Language to Japanese, Thai, Chinese ,Taiwanese, and Korean students.

    My experience has made me aware and familiar of my learners needs and shortcomings , and how I could provide assistance to help them improve in their language learning journey. I would like to venture in the academe sector in Thailand, so that I may impart my knowledge and experiences with Thai students. I am looking forward to this opportunity. Thank you and God bless!

  5. Good Day!

    I am a graduate of Bachelor of secondary education Major in English.
    I have been teaching English for 3 years now . My students are from China, Vietnam and Japan. Learning english is not that easy at all, but if i will be your teacher, we will learn something new and we will make our class educational and fun.

    I have my passport, Diploma,TOR and TEFL certificate.
    If given the chance i will pass all the requirements needed. Thank you
    God bless!

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