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I like the theme of this week’s Couple’s Corner – I started to miss my hubby. I remember when I was still single, my hubby was still praying for the right woman for him. We met in the college where we used to study. One time, we attended a gathering of young people and we went to a resort near the mountain. I loved to play guitar and piano and sing in a group. He was trying to play a guitar and because I knew how to play I find it awkward when he plays. So I asked him to borrow the guitar and told him how to play properly. Of course, not to show him down but to show him the right way.

I also played the piano in our church during that time and during Sundays he attended our church service. He gradually knew me and we became close friends. waaahhh! However, my hubby has different gifts – different from mine. He is a good teacher, he can make his students enjoy. He can easily make friends and is able to clean and manage the house. One great thing that hubby did and I guess I can’t do without him is the packing thing. He is good in packing our bags every time we travel. He can fixed it and do it well. There are many things that hubby can and I can’t although I have some things that I can do and he can’t. Many friends told us that we are blessed having each other since we are meant for each other and helped in many ways.

Thanks to Rodliz Nest for this Couple’s Corner. We can share our love life as a couple. Come and join and be blessed.


7 thoughts on “Talented Couple”

  1. wow it was so sweet. Your friends right that you are lucky to have each other. you were paired almost perfectly!.. You were good in instruments too. It was so adorable to see a lady playing guitar!.. here's mine
    Happy CC!

  2. Yes, you were fated for each other since you complement each other very well. God does not shower gifts to an individual but showers different gifts to different individuals so that people will learn to cooperate with each other. Thanks for the homey post. God bles you all always.

  3. i always want to sing kaya nga lang sintunado ako .both our husbands are the same when it comes to packing .si hubby rin taga pack kasi ako ay basta mailagay lang tapos.

  4. I am so glad that you like RodLiz Nest- it's a chance to tell people about our life as a couple.

    Dami mo naman talent ah, ako walang talent sa music. Kakatuwa ka naman, awkward ka kapag nag pe play ng guitar hubby mo. Being a good teacher is a talent. I can never be a teacher, wala akong patience, hehehe!

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