Special Days

When I was still single, one thing that I wanted to happen on my wedding would be simple yet memorable. When I was 26 years old the Lord gave me someone who really loved me come what may. And that dream came true. My special day was simple but memorable. And it happened many years ago on my wedding day. Prior to that day, we did a lot of preparations, we looked for a memorable Wedding Invitations, and other things needed for that special day of my life. It’s memorable indeed!

After few years, I gave birth to our first born son, the most awaited baby. Some of my friends had baby shower before giving birth and gave Baby Shower Invitations, the same year that I gave birth. Baby shower is indeed a memorable day for parents. We enjoyed having our baby and gave him the best love we can give. As parents, we want the best for our children. We enjoyed seeing and visiting other shower parties for coming babies. They are sweet and precious.

We love our son and we are blessed to have him with us. So we Save The Date Cards for his special days. And indeed, he enjoyed and we find it memorable and we enjoyed too with his presence.


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