Speaking Engagement

Last Thursday I went to a Youth Camp with my son AJ. We traveled by ceres, the big bus in our place, it was a long and tiring day since we traveled for more than 3 hours. Hence, AJ enjoyed our travel although at first he was crying. I prayed for him while traveling and after few minutes I heard him singing some songs of praise. What a day!

We reach Tuyom, the camper site at 12 noon. And it’s time for lunch but sad to say all the food were all eaten by the campers. Everyone was so hungry for the second day. So we waited for a while.

I spoke and challenge the campers of knowing who they are as children of the Living God. And I encouraged them to surrender again their lives to Jesus and make Jesus the Lord of their lives. I was happy since I saw them sincere in what they prayed. Then we went back home the next day.


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