Sharing His Love

Making a difference to people’s lives is our great concern. When we decided to leave our comfort zone, our desire was to be used in any way God is leading us. It’s not easy, it takes courage, patience, perseverance and strength to go on but we are happy and there is joy within.

One possible way that we can share the love of the Father to our students is to make friends with them. We can only do that through doing an extra mile. So everytime there is an opportunity for us, we usually grab it. A couple of weeks ago, we invited our students to come and dine with us. I cooked Thai food, Filipino dessert and we bought some fruits for them to enjoy. Thais love fruits that’s why they enjoy if fruits are served.

Last week, while I was teaching, in one of our conversations, I have discovered that one of my students will be leaving to Korea and she will stay there for 2 years. She was able to pass the interview for being an exchange student. I easily grab the opportunity to invite them again and join with us for another dinner. Although it’s not easy but we love to do it for their sake. I prayed for them before we ate. They are fast learners and eager to learn. And it’s really our desire that they too will know the Creator. And one way to show them is being friendly, spend ample time if possible, sharing our resources and everything we have to show them the love of the Father.

I just prepared spaghetti, french fries and leche flan. They didn’t like sweets, that’s why my leche flan is still alive, lol! My kids loved it, so they have a chance to eat leche flan to the max!!!!!!!!!!

They went home late after watching “The Sound of Music” which is also the family’s favorite movie. Everyone enjoyed and have fun watching.

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