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In this present generation, fast pace and internet is everywhere, as a mother like me, I have a bigger concern for my kids growing up process. I have now a teenager who knows better than me as far as internet is concerned. He can surf so easily and look for links anywhere in the net. I guess, we need something to monitor our kids.

What I’m trying to say is, how can I trust fully in what my son is doing on the net. How can I be sure that he is searching good things? We all know that there are good and bad things that we can get from surfing the net. I feel badly of some children who learned pornography through the use of the internet. Pornographic pictures are everywhere and before we knew it, they are already in danger. I’m glad to know this Internet Safety Software that helps parents monitor our children activity in the net.

This could be of help since we cannot always be with our children all the time. It automatically record all the things they are doing on the pc and internet. This is a great idea for parents to monitor our children. I better choose and have to acquire of this, and we, as parents, must be aware of this Internet Safety Software for my kids’ safety.

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  1. Hey there,

    Wow. I am so glad that you visited my blog. not many will do. Anyway, at my place, the usage of internet is still slow. We are not really worried about it. But what you said is true. When my kid grow up later, I will be very strict with my kid, esp when using the net.

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