Painful Experience

I had a painful experience last Wednesday, hubby brought me to the hospital because I was bleeding, after the doctor’s check up she found out that I had myoma and we started to pray that the baby is safe. That was a painful experience I have had after I gave birth to AJ our second son 7 years ago. A lot of blood came out and I was really suffering from the pain.

Then, I asked my hubby to pray for me, I had also asked AJ to lay his hand over my tummy. I couldn’t sleep nor move to the left or to the right. The pain was so heavy that I couldn’t move my body. One thing I told my baby, just to hold on and take care because Mama is carrying the pain and with the help of Jesus I will be healed. Indeed, after few hours of struggle, I was okay and was able to walk and take myself for few minutes and I felt restored.

The next day, there’s a little bit of pain but the blood was still coming out, I can’t stop it just like a woman’s monthly period. A lot of blood came out but the Lord was giving a hope to trust in His care – that I need not to worry because He is in control. So I have that peace that only God can give and I hold on to His promises.

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