I Love it

Thai food are everywhere. I love it. We usually miss the food that are spicy but delicious. This is a shredded fish with mango and other spices made in Thailand. It really so yummy to the max. Every time we visit Thailand, we usually order this kind of food which for me, is not only yummy but also good for health since it has fruits, vegies and fish. How I wish I know how to make this. But as of this time, I can’t …. I sill don;t know what to do, maybe sometime later.

Just One Word…Love

Just one word … Love! These words are memorable to us (hubby and me) because this was the title of our concert during the time when hubby saw me singing for the first time in one of our concerts. It was a “Valentine’s day” concert of our singing group and we were all excited to sing during that time.

We were singing in one of the churches in our city when we’re still studying in the university. Those were the years that we enjoyed singing to the max.

When I started to sing, hubby was there in the entrance and he heard me singing, then according to him, his tummy giggles, waaahhhh! We saw each other again the next few days after the concert, then he vocally uttered the words, I like your voice…. I like you! I did not give enough attention but rather I just smile and say; thank you.

After a couple of weeks we met again, he was then my classmate; then he ask if he can go with me to visit my apartment. That was the first time that we talked and shared something under the sun…
To be continued…

English Camps

I missed teaching English Camps in Thailand. It’s rewarding and worth it. Kids love to study especially during their free time. Hubby loves teaching them some crafts and they had lots of fun and fellowship. I love teaching them some songs and stories.