God’s Abounding Love

I usually travel to another place once a week for the love of the people of God since I need to travel for a couple of hours. It’s not that easy but when you love the work of the Lord it doesn’t matter whether you travel by far as long as you enjoy doing it for His ministry. I am madly in love with the Lord and I want to obey Him all of my days. God has been so gracious to me that He never failed me in spite of my shortcomings and failures. He is there always at all times to protect, to guide, and to provide!

Even when I hear someone being bothered, I usually extend help in my own capacity. He leadeth me! And blesses me always!

Secret Delivery

God sees our hearts if we give it from the heart. When we give with good intentions. He simply wants our generosity motivated by love as we give Him the glory, honor, and praise that He alone deserves!

Good deeds are intended to be expressions of worship overflowing from our hearts with grateful hearts for all the things He has done.

How can we give God the credit while accepting appreciation? Let us honor Him without anybody looking at us! God deserves to be honored and praised!

My Son Turns 19

Last Jan 20 was AJ’s birthday, my youngest son. He turned 19 and I was happy looking at him turning his life into a person who has a purpose. A son who desired to become a channel of blessing to others. Glad to see him grow in many aspects of his life. Looking at him 19 years ago, I could not imagine how cute he was.

Happy, happy birthday my son. I do believe the Lord will grant the desire of your heart! Blessings from the Most High!

His Faithfulness

God’s faithfulness is renewed every morning. It is so great that no man can fathom His greatness, especially in my life. His insurmountable greatness and love are vast beyond measure. That’s my God, my Jehovah, my Creator, and my redeemer. He redeems His children and carries them from the miry clay.

Even when I think of His great love and compassion, I am in awe of Him! I am loved by Him and covered by His compassion. I am cleansed and I am a child of the KING! He is always faithful and true and I declare it always!

My Hopes

Jesus is my hope amidst all the flaws, struggles, problems, and difficulties that life may bring. If there is a struggle within, there is hope up there when we look up and trust the One up there in heaven. He is the only HOPE! The Savior of mankind! The enemy is doing a lot of things to trample us down but the Lord is using all our insecurities, failures, and problems for a greater purpose. He is using it for our own good.

No matter what the future holds, it won’t change my trust and confidence in God. My hope is in Him alone! Thank you, Lord, for all the blessings flow! I am convinced that I am blessed and God has prepared something for me and my family. He never fails, He never slumbers nor sleeps, He is working and continue to work for our own good. He is my God whom I trust!

The Heart that Loves

Oh, how I love this thought about the heart. It’s simple but has a bigger meaning that soothes and breaks the heart. Try to check this out.

If we are willing and ready to say “I’m Sorry” everything is taken its place, everything is settled. May we have this kind of heart that says sorry, forgive me, and not to do it again. To say “NO” to sin and unrighteousness. That is what God desires. To humble ourselves before Him and ask for forgiveness, He is just a PRAYER away and He is waiting for us!