Our Graduation

During our graduation day last March at John B Lacson, Bacolod, we wore the attire we had during our graduation in college. So everyone looked for toga and Filipiniana for the said occasion. The attire will suit the highest degree you reached. It’s good that I bought my own Filipiniana when I graduated for my Master’s Degree. I wore a different attire.
There were 5 of us in the school who graduated in the same university so we wore the same attire. The other lady at the center graduated in another school and she looked differently.
There were invited guests and supporters of the student scholars and they attended the graduation ceremony. The owner of the school came and the speaker who came from the U.S.
There were a lot of students who graduated in the Marine Eng’g. courses and Marine Transportation. It took more than 4 hours to finish the graduation ceremony. There were more than a hundred from the Business Department comprising BSHRM, BSCustoms, and Stewarding. There were a lot of Stewarding students since it will only take a year to finish and they could go out of the country if they had the experience or joining their family abroad. It seems that Nursing is out of place nowadays and Stewarding is taking its place.
Marine students had all the joys after graduation. They were trained for ship works and they looked excited to go out of the school and earn. As what the speaker said in one of the seminars we have had, if you want to earn a million for a couple of years, try taking Marine courses. It seems that people nowadays are looking for a greener pasture in just a couple of years and become stable. The sad thing is, they forgot to look up to heaven and be grateful to all the things that God has given them. Most of them were proud of themselves. Hope they will learn to be thankful to God, their parents, friends and those who train them to be as such.

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  1. Hello Nang…. musta da..? may ara man gali John B. Lacson sa Bacolod? abi ko anay sa Iloilo lang… hehehe.. Regards lang da family mo nang ah…

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