Our 23rd Wedding Anniversary

Amidst storms and hassles of life it may bring to our lives, the Lord is always reminding us to be faithful and to hold on! That’s the lesson I have learned for 23 long years of marriage. Life is tough, many times I found myself crying and asking God to help me to be strong. God is always faithful and true to all His promises! Great is His faithfulness and it is renewed every morning.

Thank you Lord God Almighty, You reign forevermore! I could not stop rejoicing and thanking God for all the blessings flow and received for many years of existence here on earth. God is a great God and He is to be feared above all. I could still remember when we first met and I didn’t bother to mingle or talk to him, the person who changed my life after knowing him. I was known as the super duper “LAON” I didn’t join in any conversation and very strict in choosing men to be my friends.

However, after knowing him I was touched by his ways, so caring, we’re happy together and became friends. He did all things just to get my attention> He really changed my heart and ultimately my life. He is a kind of person who would really do something to please you and that’s what ladies were looking for. Ladies could be easily attracted to him because of his sweet ways and a caring attitude. I could attest to many of them. Nevertheless, one thing for sure… Holding on and continue loving your husband. A friend gave me this message just this morning, 3 points of encouragement: Never Give Up! Never Give Up! Never Give Up! It’s something that I should always remember, not to give up to our marriage relationship. There are so many ups and downs but even GOD did not give up on us and continued to reach out to us and gave us many chances just to go back to HIM and trust HIM as our LORD and Saviour!


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