Pagerank is something for most of the bloggers, I guess. That’s what I’d been longing since I started blogging. I’ve found out few months ago that I had PR-1 and that made me excited. However, I was also longing to have a domain of my own, and a friend of mine encouraged me to buy one. I was excited a bit because I can start earning while blogging. That’s exciting, right? But I discovered after few weeks of having a new domain my PR was back to “0”, huhuh! My excitement gradually subsided. But anyway, my other blogs started to earn although it has no domain yet. I enjoyed writing and my hubby is also getting excited every time my post is approved.

As of this time, I’m enjoying what I can do to bless others. I’m enjoying every step of the way, I’m glad I’ve discovered the blogging world. I find it more interesting to write, to visit new found friends, to give valuable and touching comments. Thanks for all your visit me dear friends. I always believe, “No man is an island”. We need each other – to bless, to keep going, and to encourage one another. So blogging is just a way, keep blogging and gain more friends. PR is just a smile away, haha!

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