My New Life

I just started my teaching job this week. It’s quite interesting and tiring as well but the joy is still there within me. Teaching is something I desire every now and then, it is already a part of me. Most of the time I taught 3rd year college students major in Customs Administration, HRM majoring in Cruise Ship, and Maritime English. I need to prepare 3 topics and often times I was misled and say something about another topic then my students will look at me and ask, what is that? Then we will all laugh after sharing a joke. What an experience…

Anyway, I have seen problems coming along my way since I need to spend some amount for my daily expenses, and other things needed for school. I might be needing a cash advance but not sure if the school allows. Yesterday I already asked my sister to let me borrow some amount, huh! I will try to ask some friends as well, they can be of great help.

2 thoughts on “My New Life”

  1. i love teaching. i loved my students eventhough some were difficult to handle. i really missed that job. i still have the desire to share what i have learned to the young ones. hope to stand in the class in the near future, but i do not think so.
    have a great weekend!

  2. Yes, teaching is a very noble profession and you can surely interact with your students. I'm sure you can arrange to have a cash advance from your school since you are a regular employee. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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