My EC Droppers (con’t)

My EC Droppers had been good and I always value them. They made my blog known to some and I’m glad to know each one of them. Some of them visited many times and I”m always thankful to all of you. Because of what your visits I would like to post your blogs here and be known to all. Here they are:

Dropper # of drops
Mumsy 12 6 5
A life of experiences 3
josie’s kitchen 3
Up Close 3
We live to tell God’s Amazing Grace 2
A Walk Through My Notebook 2
Online Mommy’s Corner 2
How’s Your Blog? 2

4 thoughts on “My EC Droppers (con’t)”

  1. Thanks Mommy for the link back.

    Hindi na po ako masyado nakakapagdrop nowadays. Super busy po eh.

    Hoping that you are in good shape. God bless po.

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