My Doctor’s Advise

While I was having pain last weekend, a friend of mine who also had experienced miscarriage chatted to me. That’s was the first time that we chatted, we just met 3 years ago. But when I told her about my case, she prompted me to call my doctor in the Phil. who knew my history. I didn’t think of it, I just thought of the pain of losing my baby. Now time for a change came in.

After our communicating to her, I immediately told my hubby, and intentionally called my doctor the next day. I shared to my OB-Gyne what had happened and she urged me to go back home as soon as possible (ASAP). I asked her if I can go next month considering of the expenses and the travel. She agreed, but she was persistent in telling me that not too long for my case is different.

Another friend called me and she also encouraged me to consider having my myoma operation here in Thailand instead of going back to the Phil. Considering all the expenses in going back and forth and according to her, based on her father’s treatment, they had spent a lot there in the Phil. However, I have that peace of mine with my OB doing the operation in Bacolod because she knows my history and the needed medication because that is her specialization and besides she knows us well as a family, and she is also a believer.

One thing that my friend told me, I will avoid stress and carrying heavy loads because that would add to the size of my myoma. Thinking of stress, I can’t avoid it this time because of the needed expenses and everything and so many things to consider. We just end our talk with laughter and reminded each other that everything is under God’s hands so need to worry. Thanks for friends who really care.

In the evening, another friend came and met us, everything coming on the same day. She is our close Thai friend, she wanted to help us too. But she asked for more details and the probable expenses we’ll be having and the needed things to consider. We were shocked when she told us that a foreigner having an operation here in Thailand must pay three times the price. That means if our bills for the whole operation is 20.000 we need to pay 60,oooBaht. Wow, that’s big. Few years ago, I told her that it’s only times two (2x), but she said this year they applied the times three (3x) bills for foreigners. Now, the Lord is leading us the right way, because at first it’s too hard for us to decide, considering of leaving my dear hubby alone and bringing my kids with me. We reallt thank the Lord for the guidance and on what to do and decide, although our friend told us that she can help the doctors in the operating room because she’s a nurse by profession and had worked in the hospital for many years. But we decided to go home. Indeed, the Lord knows even before we ask in prayer.

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  1. I didn't realize that you're not in the Philippines. Anywho, my ex MIL used to have mayoma too and I believe you have to be careful after the operation, she still had bleeding after then.

  2. Prayed for the Lord to guide you in all the decisions you need to make, comfort you in your pain, and healing for your physical and emotional trials at this time.


  3. I hope you are okey now. It is indeed sad but yes we have to face reality. Just be brave and trust God that everything will be okey. I will pray for you. Everything will be alright…

  4. I am still praying for you so that you can finally move on from the tragedy of losing your baby and for your myoma to be fully healed by the Lord. By the stripes of Jesus you are healed. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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