Mommy Moments # 2 Special Day

I’m glad I have the time now to join Mommy Moments. Thanks Mommy Cris. Though I have big boys I still enjoy this post. It reminds me of my kids when they were still babies.

Anyway, AJ is 6-year old and we still call him “baby” sometimes but he doesn’t want to be called as such. Feeling big already but of course the attitude is still a baby huh! We were blessed by our kids. Thank God we have them.

This is AJ’s 6th birthday last Jan.20. He was so excited a week before and he was asking us to have his friends came to our house to celebrate his birthday. So we invited his friends and our neighbors.

11 thoughts on “Mommy Moments # 2 Special Day”

  1. My Boy just turned 6 too,, and like you I call him baby sometimes… he likes it sometimes but tell me that he is a big boy now…..
    Have a great day… 1st time to visit your site ,,, come and check mine too..

  2. Such a big boy with a cute cake ;)Ako din, kahit malaki na si Joaqui namin, he will always be my baby. Have a nice weekend!

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